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For most people, the main objective when heading to the UK is to experience a new culture while earning enough to travel and experience all Europe has to offer. myOE is your true partner is this journey, offering you all the support and tools you need to get to the UK as a white collar professional, and land on your feet.

Save on UK Tax

myOE can help you save on tax and maximise your earning potential in the UK by offering you an excellent contract management service so you enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of MSC (IR35) Limited Company administration, insurance costs and accounts. This is more than just an ‘umbrella company’ as these structures provide professional employment solutions for contractors.
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UK Exchange Rates

To help you understand how much your currency will be worth when you arrive in the UK, we have the latest currency conversion rates from Currency Online.
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Tax and Financial Planning

Any income earned in the UK is generally subject to UK taxation regardless of your citizenship or place of residence. Understanding the UK tax system will give you a headstart when it comes to managing your UK finances and maximising your take home pay. myOE are experts when it comes to the UK tax system, and can help review your personal circumstances to make the most of your UK pounds.
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Information for Non-Domiciled Tax Payers

Reduced income tax is offered for special classes of persons in the UK, such as “non-domiciled people” (non-doms), who claim to be residents in the UK but not “domiciled” or living in the UK. Most migrant workers (including those from within the EEA) would classify as non-doms. However, since the non-dom exemption applies only to income sourced from outside of the UK, the majority of people making use of the tax exemption are wealthy individuals with substantial income from outside of the UK (e.g. from foreign savings). myOE can help you understand how these special tax rules affect you.
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Umbrella Companies

The most efficient, safe and dependable way of working your contract is through an employment management company and myOE is a hub that can offer several employment companies to suit your needs. This option will allow you to enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of MSC (IR35) Limited Company administration, insurance costs and accounts.
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Partners and Sponsors

When you’re looking to land on your feet in a new country, it’s not what you know, but who you know – and myOE have undertaken all the leg work to provide you with UK partnerships that are the best of the best.
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UK Seminar

myOE Information Seminars tell you what you need to know about living and working in the UK.
Date Time Venue
Wed 02 August 2017 Starts: 18:00  Sydney
Wed 09 August 2017 Starts: 18:00  Melbourne
Tue 22 August 2017 Starts: 18:00 Brisbane

Compliant Umbrella Structures

Enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of Limited Company administration & fees.
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Save on UK Tax

Find out how you can save on tax to keep more of what you earn.
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myOE Pro Pack

Get your UK Pro Pack so you're good to go when you hit the UK.
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