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UK Bank Accounts, NI Numbers & UK Doctors

If you’re planning on living and working in the UK for a while, it’s best to establish yourself by setting up a UK bank account, applying for a National Insurance (NI) number and registering with the National Health System (NHS).

Opening a UK Bank Account

There are two ways you can open a UK bank account: (1) have a British passport or (2) obtain a letter from your employer to verify your salary and show proof of billing from your residence to validate your address.

myOE have a partnership with international bank HSBC, and if you are a pre-approved myOE customer, you can consider your bank account sorted. We will arrange an account with no set up fees, no monthly account keeping fees and free withdrawals, with credit cards assessed on an individual basis. You don’t even need UK payslips. Your Account Manager will talk you through everything you need to open your UK bank account.

Processing NI Numbers

A National Insurance Number (NI number) is a unique number issued to anyone working in the UK to help ensure you pay the correct amount of tax and receive the right entitlements under the UK National Health System (NHS).

You can work without an NI number by paying an emergency tax rate, but if you’re going to be working in the UK long term you’re better off registering for your NI number as soon as possible. Unfortunately you can’t apply for an NI number before you arrive in the UK, but the good news is that we will help you arrange this when you meet with your myOE Account Manager in the UK.

NHS Doctors and UK Medical Centres

Another consideration when moving to the UK is to register with the national health system (NHS). In general terms, if you are employed by a UK company, you will be eligible for free health care under the current system. If you require health care before you secure employment, you will receive free emergency care but will then be expected to pay once you become an inpatient.

When you meet with your myOE UK Account Manager, we will help you with your application to register with the NHS through your local GP practice.

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