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Arriving in the UK armed with everything you need will ensure you land on your feet in the UK. myOE offers specialist support to professionals in key industries, including finance, IT, banking and accounting. Your myOE UK account manager can help you fast track your search for employment and support you with everything else you need to kickstart your overseas experience.

Serviced Office

To help you get your UK life underway, we’ve set up a serviced office for professionals needing access to an ‘office’ before you organise accommodation or employment. Once you’ve booked a meeting with your myOE Account Manager, you will have unlimited access to the myOE consultant room facilities, including computers, telephones, printer, scanner and faxing facilities.
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Work Permits & Visas

Organising work permits and visas should be top of your list when planning your UK experience. For those of you that don’t hold a British or EU passport, it will mean having to apply for a visa to work in the UK. The visa categories and qualifying criteria are constantly under review in the UK, so it’s always best to seek up to date information before making your decision..
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Finding a Job

We know it can be a challenge finding employment in a new country, and we’re here to help. It’s important to get straight into job hunting when you arrive as it can take anywhere between two weeks and two months to secure that first role. When you sign on with myOE, you’ll be assigned a UK Account Manager, who will give you handy tips on how to set up your resume to the UK format, and how often you should be contacting recruitment agencies.
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Ready-made community

With our calendar of regular social events, plus the fun things to do that tend to pop up week to week around London (such as sporting events, exclusive event tickets, tours, and shows) you’ll have a ready-made community of friends and contacts as soon as you land!
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Bank Accounts, NI Numbers and NHS Doctors

To really help you settle into your new life in the UK, it helps to establish yourself with a bank account and a National Insurance (NI) number, as well as registering with the National Health Sytem (NHS).

If you’re in one of myOE’s specialist industries, we will arrange a pre-approved bank account with no set up fees and no monthly account keeping fees. A National Insurance Number (NI number) is a unique number issued to anyone working in the UK to help ensure you pay the correct amount of tax and receive the right entitlements under the UK health system.
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UK Seminar

myOE Information Seminars tell you what you need to know about living and working in the UK.
Date Time Venue
Wed 02 August 2017 Starts: 18:00  Sydney
Wed 09 August 2017 Starts: 18:00  Melbourne
Tue 22 August 2017 Starts: 18:00 Brisbane

Compliant Umbrella Structures

Enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of Limited Company administration & fees.
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Save on UK Tax

Find out how you can save on tax to keep more of what you earn.
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myOE Pro Pack

Get your UK Pro Pack so you're good to go when you hit the UK.
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