Umbrella Companies in the UK

A UK umbrella company acts as an employer to contractors working on a contract at a fixed hourly or daily rate, usually through a recruitment agency. This gives you the benefits of a Limited Company which include claiming expenses such as relocation costs, daily travel, subsistence and accommodation, without any of the financial risk.

Umbrella Companies and myOE

myOE was established to provide you with the ultimate hassle free experience from the time you begin to plan your relocation, through to your arrival and beyond – assisting you with all aspects of working in the UK.

The most efficient, safe and dependable way of working is through an employment management company and myOE is the hub that can offer several tailored employment solutions. These options will allow you to enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of MSC (IR35) Limited Company administration, insurance costs and accountancy fees.

Benefits with myOE

Employing you on a secondment basis through myOE’s employment options is one of the most effective ways to minimise the tax due on your UK income from the time you arrive. This arrangement will also give you up to 24 months of tax relief on your relocation and living expenses.

myOE also:

  • Provide support from a friendly client management team as well as access to other soft landing services (e.g. financial advisors, the myOE London Guesthouse, introduction to UK recruitment agencies)
  • Offer complete contractor administration – timesheet submission, invoicing, debtor control ensuring timely payments
  • Process your expenses, maximising your retained earnings
  • Take care of administration, taxation and general advice along with completing your UK tax return (if required to do so)
  • Provide efficient tax savings, relocation and living expenses for suitable qualified individuals.

Taking The First Step

Once you have your visa and arrival date confirmed, we can arrange a meeting with one of our UK Account Managers to check your eligibility and discuss your options in more detail to make working in the UK a hassle free experience.

People who receive the most benefit from salary packaging are those earning from £15 per hour on their UK contract. We also have a package which is more beneficial for higher earners (those earning £30 per hour or above) and your appointed Account Manager will be able to discuss the most effective option.

Please email us now at to discuss your options with one of our Account Managers. myOE strives to be the best umbrella company, helping you make the most out of your UK employment.


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