Since 1998, myOE has helped thousands of IT and white collar professionals make the most of their skills by contracting in the UK. Contact us today to find out how we can help you Live, Work and Play in the UK!

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myOE helps white collar professionals increase their take home pay.

Contracting in the UK

Welcome to myOE

Since 1998, myOE has helped thousands of Australian and New Zealand professionals to make the move to live, work and play in the UK!

The team at myOE provides assistance with:

  • Job hunting – with advice on shifting from full-time work to contracting, UK resume writing, and how to find and deal with recruiters that match your profession.
  • Competitive salary packaging – helping you get the best tax rates through our Umbrella and Ltd Company options.
  • Bank account and National Insurance number assistance – we act as your advocate so you don’t have to worry about these things when you arrive.
  • UK sim card – you can have this listed on your UK resume. Simply activate when you land and start using it!
  • Establishing new networks – Our ‘contractor club’ functions are held quarterly, enabling our clients to get together, have a drink on us and make the connections that are so useful when you’re in a new country.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can help you live, work and play in the UK!

Prepare to Depart

myOE helps make sure you’ve got the essentials together before you depart.

Land On Your Feet

Setting yourself up with work and accommodation can be straight forward with the right advice.

Live and Earn

Keeping more of your earnings means you can spend more time enjoying your travels. myOE helps you save on tax and get connected in the UK.


If you wish to learn more about other services we offer, feel free to contact our offices in UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

We Offer …

myOE can also help you get sorted for your UK OE with the following:

How we can help

myOE are experts when it comes to living and working in the UK. There are so many ways we can help you once you register, with tailored solutions to suit your plans and your profession. We offer specialist support to several industries including accounting, finance, IT and banking.

Attend a UK Seminar

myOE Information Seminars tell you what you need to know about living and working in the UK.
Date Time Venue
Wed 02 August 2017 Starts: 18:00  Sydney
Wed 09 August 2017 Starts: 18:00  Melbourne
Tue 22 August 2017 Starts: 18:00 Brisbane

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Compliant Umbrella Structures

Enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of Limited Company administration & fees.


Save on UK Tax

Find out how you can save on tax to keep more of what you earn.